A membership software that makes things easier.
Use your time wisely
Zubarus is designed to automate billing, payment tracking and take care of all that boring stuff, so you can spend your time on what matters.

There is only one version of Zubarus, and it´s online right now. A small association with 100 members get access to the same system as a large organization with 10,000 members and many employees. And we turn it up to fit optimally for your organization.

Good old invoices, whether they are sent by mail or email. Flicks, SMS, credit cards and direct debit. We cover the most part, you decide.
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Zubarus handles payments automatically and sends out reminders to those who have not paid. You have full control, even if you are just sitting and watching.
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Membership management
It is we who builds and manages Zubarus but there are customers who come with the good ideas. Always. Therefore Zubarus so easy to use.
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Keep in touch with members. Tell me what you’re doing. Newsletters, SMS, a quick e-mail to all or a group of
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Members shall be stored in member system, not in the financial system. Ledger in Zubarus reconciled with bank statements and underlying dataledger.
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Active local groups is the best guarantee for viable organization. Give the volunteers access to Zubarus for their part of the organization.
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Arrangements handle in Zubarus, whether courses, party or summer camp. Enrollment, completion, billing, dialogue with the participants on
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My Page
Want “My page” for the members themselves update the address and e-mail? It bothered they do not, but you can easily make it a little more exciting.
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